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Personal Training at Energise


Personal Training


Personal Training (PT) is a tailored health and fitness program specifically for you!


Why would I use PT? If you want to be supported and motivated to get or stay fit, PT is the key. Many clients join our PT programs because they don’t enjoy group sessions or they need to be personally challenged to get the best out of themselves — this includes specific coaching on exercise routines, nutrition and the mindset you need to improve.


- PT is all about our trainers understanding your goals, supporting the positive change you wish to make, so that you have a healthier, more rewarding life!

- PT is not an interrogation of you, your values or a way for you to feel awkward.


We have worked with hundreds of clients and we have the experience and guarantees you need to feel confident we will support you.


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Personal Training at Energise - Rope Training
Get Real Results with Personal Training from Energise